Apr 18, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Presented By: Fireball Whisky

Day: Thursday, April 18, 2013
Door Time: 7:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $12
Day Of Show Price: $15
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We will be featuring Fireball Whisky drink specials during the opening band, Indigenous Robot, so get there early!

Indie rock from Arizona

From Indian Lakes
From Indian Lakes"From Indian Lakes could easily be handpicked as one of the best alternative rock bands most people have never heard of. The California quintet blend intelligent and touching lyrics with entrancing rock to create a musical organism that sounds like Brand New’s poetic yet daring younger brother." - Blare Magazine

Sweet Talker

Indigenous Robot
Indigenous RobotIndigenous Robot is a psychedelic garage rock band with a dark and smoky sound. Both on stage and in recordings a powerful presence can be felt in their great energy, clever lyrics, and just the right synthesis of harmony and rhythm that makes for the pensive, foot tapping effect one moment, and the explosive, get-up-and-move feeling the next.

Not only are they fusing music genres together, but they also have a knack at mixing the arts. This is reflected in their alluring graphics and creative merchandise. The most conspicuous of these could arguably be their most recent album, "Sleeping Giant". Unlike most others who are working to streamline their merchandise, to digital downloads and the all-important shirt, with only one look Indigenous Robot’s merch table seems more like an art exhibit. Their first album “Sleeping Giant” was released on both 12” and 7” vinyl. Not exactly what you would expect though, with the record being a visually appealing cd holder. Painted in a vast array of colors and patterns, then embellished with an “Indigenous Robot” stamp, each un-replicable vinyl, including customized album sleeve, can be enjoyed as a piece of art for years to come.

Indigenous Robot established themselves with a strong presence online, on the street, and on the stage. Without knowing it they have set a very high precedent for themselves among their fans, who look forward to upcoming shows, along with their next creation. With their own high aspirations, it is doubtful that followers will be disappointed any time soon.